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YOUnique Conference - January 2016 SM Aura SMX

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Know the 4 Different Kinds of People towards a successful Career!

The YOUnique Conference last January 30, 2016 concluded with yet another successful event. YOUnique is about the 4 different personality types written by best-selling author, yours truly, Jayson Lo. Taken from the DISC profiles study from the 1920s by William Marston, Jayson used the 4 animal characters commonly associated to the Philippines to represent each one.

DISC stands for Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Corrective. The Dominant, represented by the Philippine Eagle, are those who make things happen. A Dominant Eagle’s favorite motto is taken from both shoe giants Nike and Addidas – “Just Do It!” and “Impossible is Nothing!” They are those who make things happen. As born leaders, they don’t obey the rules, they change them. Eagles love crisis and thrives in conflict. They are also the hardest working among the 4 types. Dominant Eagles will thrive in settings where there is always a challenge, change, or new territories to conquer.

On the flip side, Dominant Eagles are insensitive to other people’s feelings. They don’t like routine work and being told how to do their jobs. So if you are a boss of a Dominant, tell them what needs to be done, give them the boundaries, and move out of their way. One problem that Dominants usually encounter is that they would often finish a task too fast to the detriment of that task. They would finish it fast alright, but not in the best possible way.

A Dominant Eagle’s favorite P word is Powerful, and their favorite song – My Way!

A rooster represents the Influential. Roosters crow in the morning, and just like an Influential, when he wakes up in the morning, he wants all eyes to be on him. Influential Roosters are the life of the party. They love the attention and praises are food to their soul. Whatever the occasion, happy or sad, in victory or defeat, they need people around. People are their oxygen. In fact, they cannot breathe without people. Roosters are perfect hosts and they love social gatherings. Creativity and innovation is their middle name. Put fun in there too. They love many middle names because for them, the more the merrier.

The dark side of an Influential is that they lack focus. There is always too many things on their plate. They also have ADD when it comes to details. They can tell you what a person wore, how he or she made the Influential feel, but rarely could they remember that person’s name. They just forget details. You can ask them to write everything in a notebook so they won’t forget. But the very next day, they would forget where they placed that same notebook. Influential Roosters would park their car in basement 1, and upon leaving, will look for it in basement 3.

Influentials will thrive in sales, marketing, HR, anywhere where people are around and there is always something new happening. Their favorite P word is Popular. Their favorite song? “Happy!”

The Steady Carabaos are the most balanced among the four. They make the background of life. They are hard workers, but only to things they are familiar with. In other words, Steadies love routine tasks. They blend in with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Steady Carabaos create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. They make good ushers in church, counselors, and hostage negotiators because they don’t ever get a terrorist mad. They would choose to go back to their mother’s womb than to hurt other people’s feelings. Along with this, you just have to admire their patience. It is why Steadies can beat others even though they are slower. Remember that the slower tortoise defeated a faster hare. How? Consistency. They are excellent in HR and customer service.

Their weakness? Steady Carabaos don’t like making decisions, not because they are incapable, but primarily because they don’t like the responsibility associated with it. Carabaos don’t like conflict as well. And their number one nemesis is change. Unfortunately, there is no progress without change and that is where Steadies are most comfortable in… the status quo.

The favorite P word of a Steady Carabao is Peace. Their favorite song is the classic – “We are the World!”

Last but not the least is the Corrective Tarsier. Did you know that a Tarsier can move their heads 180 degrees to the left and 180 degrees to the right, to scan the horizon in search of food or to avoid predators. Take note, I mentioned 180 degrees, not 360. If it were 360 degrees, it would probably be a possessed tarsier. Tarsiers, like the Corrective, love to analyze. Analyzing everything in their path is their past time. They love charts, statistics, SWOT analysis, and any type of work sheet. They can see angles not seen by mere mortals.

The negative side of a Corrective Tarsier is analysis paralysis. They analyze and get paralyzed by over doing it. They are also critical of everyone and everything.

Correctives make the best researchers, scientists, doctors (Just imagine having a High Influential doctor, he might leave his operating tools inside your stomach) and quality control personnel. Their favorite P word is Perfect and their favorite song is “You are Perfect.”

Why is knowing the 4 personality types important in the workplace? Well, knowing that there are 4 different kinds of people, and that you are one of them, changes how we see the world. No wonder I can only attract or get along with certain types of people, it’s because others are different from me. Different strokes for different folks is not only a cliché, it should be a dogma.

We are all familiar with the Golden Rule, right? “Do Unto Others As They Would Do Unto You.” But taking that rule literally will produce problems. That rule is only meant for universal principles like love, joy, and peace. If we are going to talk about people, then we should apply the Platinum Rule instead – Do Unto Others As They Want It Done Unto Them.” In other words, “Treat Others the way THEY want to be treated, not as you want to be treated. This is advice that can take you to the top of your organization.

Simply put, if you want to reach the top of the corporate ladder and be successful, you need to be successful with people first. By knowing how to adjust to different kinds of people while retaining your identity, then you will go places where you’ve never been before. A place where people reach the top together by helping each other. Remember, if you have a dream, and you can achieve your dream on your own, then your dream is not big enough. In order to achieve a dream of significance, you need the help of other people.