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A Dice Game to Remember

Last Saturday, I attended a mooncake festival dice game hosted by colleagues from Sun Life, Jet and Tita Tecson. After a sumptuous potluck dinner, we proceeded with the game. This wasn't my first time in participating but it was my sons' Anton and Jacob, as well as Alexa's (Anton's girlfriend) first time. My hubby Lyan did not play, as he was feeling under the weather.

After several turns of throwing the dice in the ceramic bowl, and winning some minor prizes, my favorite of which was the cherry coke...I noticed that Alexa and my sons were winning some of the good prizes. (Check out Anton's Blog Post about his experience with the game. You can see some photos of the stuff he won in his post.)


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Hermanos Mexican Joint

Last Wednesday night when I landed from my Boracay Trip my sons and husband treated me to Hermanos. It is this small non-descript Mexican restaurant along Gilmore inside the Petron gas station.

(Photo from FoodAlphabet.blogspot.com here's another Review of Hermanos)

My son Jacob has been telling us to try the place because he has read good reviews about the food. Finally we had the chance to try it out and see for ourselves.

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