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I have 10 free rides with Grab Car Sedan so it made sense for me to use the grab car app on my phone to enjoy the promo. I received a call from the driver to inform me that he is just around the corner and was pulling into the Tektite driveway. The driver of the car also happened to be the owner. This is one of the few times that I am grateful for heavy traffic. Al, the driver narrated how at the age of 8 his parents could no longer afford to send him and his 6 siblings to school. They had the choice of working in their farm or looking for a job in Metro Manila. At that young age he chose to be a house boy for 300 pesos monthly salary. This was 1989. At least, he figures. he gets free food and a place to sleep. By age 18, he was taught to drive so he could alternate as a family driver. He later befriended a cab driver who allowed him to use the unit on his day off and make money on the side. This fueled his passion to be an entrepreneur. The experience made him realize that he could work for himself. Today he owns 5 taxi units (all legit) and 6 grab sedans. He drives one of them. His wife works as an employee but will be retiring at age 37 to take care of their 2 small sons. And get this...she signed up for life insurance when she got her first job at 20...with Sun Life (was that a good choice or was that a good choice?!) it was his wife who urged him to buy life insurance for himself before they got married. This man does not have a highschool or college education and yet look at where he is now.

Last modification: Mon 25 May 2015