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Yesterday, I attended the NBI's Press Launch of their new and improved online clearance registration. According to NBI officials, falling in line for almost a day is a thing of the past. From a 6 step process, it is now reduced to a 3 step process:

1. Online registration, appointment and e-payment
2. Photo capture and finger biometrics
3. Clearance printing

You register online via the NBI clearance website clearance.nbi.gov.ph - complete the application form, choose an appointment date, pay the processing fee.

I used NBI's computer and it took me less than 5 minutes to fill out the application form. Lyan tried it on his mobile and it took him the same amount of time. Armed with our confirmation codes we proceeded to the bayad center which was strategically placed beside the computer terminals to simulate the whole process. Without the queue, it took the bayad center personnel about 6 minutes to encode my information and hand me my payment slip. There are other options too like GCASH, over the counter bank, ATM and debit cards and of course payments can also be processed at the NBI. Off we proceeded to step 2. I handed my payment slip (proof of payment to the NBI guy) took him less than a minute to retrieve my info. I have to mention that he verified my date of birth twice, after looking me over from head to foot with a quizzical expression on his face..."sure kayo mam? In fairness...hindi po halata...ang bata niyo tignan." (That was the best part of the whole ordeal...just kidding)
I'm happy about the biometrics because the last time I had to get my NBI clearance I had to do the fingerprint thing the old fashioned way...with a dirty stamp pad. And I had to buy 2 peso wipes to clean my fingers!? On to the last step - I handed the same proof of payment to the printing guy. I handed him the same slip, he keyed in the registration number, pressed print, and voila...NBI clearance!

For applicants with no internet access, the NBI as an initial step has set up computer workstations at its main clearance processing center in Manila, free of charge. Although the simulation took record time in processing my clearance, I am hoping that with the full implementation of this new and improved system, there will be a significant improvement and positive feedback. *as an added service from yours truly, Honey on the Money will send a first time NBI clearance applicant go through the process. Watch out for it!


Last modification: Thu 21 May 2015
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