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I remember my high school days, it wasn't cool to listen to authority. I was awkward and had no social skills. I was sarcastic (to some extent I still am) and full of spite. I thought I had the answer to everything. After over 30 years I look back and cringe at the choices I've made. I shake my head as I recall the wounds I've inflicted...and sigh as I remember the wounds I've received. What was missing? Coming from a broken family I would say in my case it's guidance. Where there is no guidance, there is no wisdom. When wisdom is brushed aside, we're like individuals stuck to eternal adolescence! The last Sunday Service led me to look at my walk with the Lord. Our new series, "Authentic" made me realize that there are times I act like a juvenile, stuck to eternal adolescence. Seeking wisdom has helped me become mature in many ways, I no longer worry about what others think about me and I don't overreact over stressful situations. I've improved in the social graces area, and I'm no longer filled with spite, if I appear moody that's menopause.

And yes, I no longer am part of cliques. But sadly...I still have an issue with authority...government authorities. After listening to our pastor preach about being authentic, I have resolved that instead of complaining and being overly critical of some public officials, I should just pray for them and pray for myself...that I may have a greater capacity in trusting the Lord and submitting to God given authorities in my life.

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