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Just in case you aren't already aware of my profession, I am a Sunlife Financial Advisor. I am very proud and happy with what I do. I know in my heart that I am in the business of helping people become financially secure, to me it is not just a company pitch it IS may way of life and my advocacy.

People who know me best, are aware that my "selling" technique is very unique and very personal. I love getting to know my clients because I consider them friends for life since it is my job to guide them from the time they sign with me to the very day they retire and/or expire (hopefully way later than sooner).

My way of selling insurance is a tried and tested road it has a lot of pros but one very daunting con; is that it's more time consuming and it is not conducive to immediate quantity increase. Its strength is more on quality of your relationship from the very beginning of your client's transaction.

Today I had the good fortune of learning from one of the company's finest Financial Planning presenter Deedee Sarol.

Truly if you are passionate about what you do....always, always, always...success follows. I have always been apprehensive about conducting a Financial Planning Workshop, I would always call on somebody more experienced. I always think to myself when I'm more comfortable, when I'm a better speaker, when the conditions are perfect. But aren't we supposed to be getting out of our comfort zone, won't my skills as a speaker improve as I put in my 10,000 hours (Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell), and really, will the conditions ever be perfect?

Thank you Deedee for adding fuel to my fire. Your enthusiasm and selfless sharing of road tested practices will surely help in carrying out Sun Life's mission of financial freedom for all Filipinos!

'Til my next post Honey lovers!

Remember to always be on the money, Honey!





Last modification: Sun 24 May 2015