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Last Saturday, I attended a mooncake festival dice game hosted by colleagues from Sun Life, Jet and Tita Tecson. After a sumptuous potluck dinner, we proceeded with the game. This wasn't my first time in participating but it was my sons' Anton and Jacob, as well as Alexa's (Anton's girlfriend) first time. My hubby Lyan did not play, as he was feeling under the weather.

After several turns of throwing the dice in the ceramic bowl, and winning some minor prizes, my favorite of which was the cherry coke...I noticed that Alexa and my sons were winning some of the good prizes. (Check out Anton's Blog Post about his experience with the game. You can see some photos of the stuff he won in his post.)



(Showing off my dice rolling skills.)

(My do I love me some Cherry Coke.)

Throughout the game, there was camaraderie, fun and laughter. The game after all is a tradition and is one of the highlights of the year in the local Chinese community; it's also one of those festivals where you just throw 6 dice into a ceramic bowl without any consideration for strategy. It's just pure luck. After several turns of nerve-wracking die throwing moments, it was Alexa who won the grand prize.

 (Can you spot me and the hubby in this picture?)

Much to our surprise and glee, my winnings were not shabby either; I admit I strategized a bit...red hair, red dress.

I will continue to embrace this tradition and look forward to this every year.

I leave you with this for now honey lovers! 'Til my next post, remember to always be on the money, Honey!


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Last modification: Sun 24 May 2015